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17 June 2008 @ 12:03 am
the distinction of heaven and hell  
 Title: The Distinction of Heaven and Hell
Author: laundrylove
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Alice, James, slight Alice/Jasper
Table/Prompt: delta; hell
Word Count: 490
Summary: Mary Alice knows that hell is cold as ice.
Author's Notes: I love how I totally ignore my claim for like, 2 months, and then WHA-BAM, three fics in three days! ;) Oh, and the lyrics I used in this come from an absolutely beautiful song,
Brighter Than Sunshine. The lead singer's voice is just GUHH. So gorgeous <3 Go listen to it, kk? (And on a random note, this is probably the most poetic thing I've ever written, y/n?)

It is raining on Judgment Day.
Mary Alice knows this. She also knows that hell is not fire and brimstone— hell is not like what she read in the Bible when she went to church on Sunday’s, like she was supposed to. Hell is not heat and flame and burning, and the Devil with a pitchfork right in its center.
Mary Alice knows that Hell is cold as ice.
Tied up in ancient history
The Devil doesn’t have a pitchfork, either. He has red eyes (like hers) and a soft silky voice that drips out of his throat, and a promise to never forget her.
You may no longer have delicious blood running through your fragile veins…  but you are still mine. I never lose what I track. Watch for me, Mary Alice. I will be back when you least expect it.
I didn’t believe in destiny
The Devil has cold lips, she knows, because he presses them to hers before he runs through the trees, fast as the lightening that strikes in the distance as she stumbles, feeling drunk off fear, to the mutilated body of her savior.
The Devil will never forget her.
Mary Alice knows this.
I never saw it happening
I’d given up and given in
She will never go to hell. Mary Alice knows this.
Not because she’s particularly good, but because she’s like the Devil, now, and she will never die. She will live forever, frozen like God’s fallen angel in Dante’s final level of a hell she will never reach.
She wonders— what is the point in living if she will never reach an ultimate destination?
Love will remain a mystery
It is raining on Judgment Day. Though she isn’t sure where she got the notion, Alice knows this.
It is also raining outside the tiny diner in Philadelphia, pitter-pat, pitter-pat, as she waits for a man she is becoming doubtful even truly exists. It is raining as she pretends to sip from a cup of coffee, because she found out long ago that food and drinks were useless and revolted her. It is raining, raining, raining, and Alice has the uncomfortable feeling that Judgment Day has finally arrived.
But give me your hand and you will see
Mary Alice is long gone.
Alice Cullen knows this.
She can keep this odd girl’s name, and string it together with all the others she has gathered over the years (MaryAliceBrandonWhitlockHaleCullen), but it will never be hers. Mary Alice was a strange child who wondered about hell and the Devil and damnation. Mary Alice had premonitions and didn’t know who she was. Mary Alice thought that because she was not going to hell, she would never get heaven.
There is such a thing as heaven on Earth.
Alice Cullen grasps her husband’s hand, and knows this.
Your heart is keeping time with me…

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